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Class of 1963

As the Holiday Season of 2022 is upon us with Thanksgiving,  Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and even St. Nicholas Day it is truly a busy time for most.  As we also add special family and friends gatherings what a time of being connected.   Even as Eagles of 63, it is always encouraging to reach out to classmates as we are able.  Pick up the phone and give some Eagle of 63 a call!

The Federal Way High School Class of 1963 the 60th Reunion, August 11 through 13th of 2023 is still very much in the works.  Hotel and facility contracts have just been arranged with LaQuinta in Federal Way just across from Town Center Park.  Specifics will soon be added to our website.   And for those traveling from out of area and needing accomodations it is never too early to get the reservation in. 

Behind the scenes planning and searching still is going on.   The planning team's continued  "Seek, Search and Find" after the missing classmates is still paying off.  Of the entire graduating class, at last count only 63 members are not located. 

Do take a glance at Classmates page on this website and see if you might be able to help us update either list with more current information.  With the winter Holidays, you might hear from one of the "not yet located" classmates.    

This website (smart phone capable) will be updated to follow developments over the coming months.  Do check back with suggestions and information update. 

Activities are being planned from 11 August,  Friday through the All Class Picnic on August 13th, 2023.   Have you been in the 6 year old building?  We are planning a "walk-about" and trying to coordinate a walk through, being that close to the start of the school Year for the next Graduating Class of 2024.  

But wait! 

We want your input, as you do have a voice as to the events.  At our age there is  a strong incentive to keep it simple!  Stay Tuned, and feel free to join in! Hats off to those helping with the plans: Pam, Sharon, Jack, Claudia, Baker, Darlene, Christopher and more! 

Email Pam at:
with or for the "hot scoop"!


FW High

The FWHS new campius is entering it's 6th year of use, 

Always Good for  Eagles to stay in touch.  Did you know eagles gather at the Village In at 10:00am for brunch and Eagle Chatter on the 2nd Thursday of each month? 

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