Federal Way High School Interact Winter 2019. A Service Club reaching out locally and internationally!

                     The desire is to make a difference!  

The upcoming Interact Meeting is on Thursday, 10 January after school at 2:05pm in the Science Room 2624.  With half of the 2018-2019 school year ahead, the remaining 2019 Winter and Spring season for Service offers great opportunity get out there and make a difference.    


In past years, Interact has completed a "Coin Drive" for Mexico and Puerto Rico victims.  Frosted Christmas cookies were a hit with the teachers.  The "Trash and Liter Clean-up" meeting helped out our school. Serving a dinner at the Women's Overnight Shelter was most appreciated.  FW Interact has freedom as their own Club to adopt projects important to our students.   It is not "Will I serve?"  it is "Where do I serve"!  Much to do in into 2019. 

January 2019:

Rotary  First Harvest– Help pack food from bulk source into usable food bank sized packages.  This supports "fighting Hunger"!  Join in with other INTERACT Clubs. Service, Treats, New Friends!   
 Womens Shelter – Help serve dinner and clean up - Tuesday, Jan 22nd 8:30-9:15pm at Good Shepherd Church in Federal Way, 312th St. 

Choice of service projects is determined by you, the Students of Interact.  A great reason to bring your ideas is so that all of us get more involved. These meetings will also have some "munchies" as we catch up on accomplishments set direction into the rest of the year.  Interact is a new and growing  ASB Service Club and a way for Eagles to serve. so do come by and see if this fits.  Snacks, ( Yea food!), fun, leadership and service are in store.

Members of all FWHS Classes are invited to check out Interact and see it works for them.  Interact FWHS Faculty Adviser is Mrs. Jolley supported by Federal Way Rotary Volunteers.  Contact:  Christopher Stone, FW Rotary & Eagle Class of 63 at  Text to 253-569-6901.