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Oh Yes, the Eagles 63 Remember!

June 4th, 1963  "Your feet too will print a path in the myriads"


Over 59 years ago, at 8:00pm in the evening, the soon to be graduated Class of 63 gathered outside the gym.  As Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance" played we processed in and took our seats.  Steve Tyron, as Class President gave the Flag Salute. The program doesn't say who gave the Commencement Address "Stairway to the Stars".  Most likely it was a composite of several students, rather than an inspirational speaker.  


Arnaldo Valazza, spoke about "A New Stair".  Steve Tyron talked about "All our Yesterdays",  Pam King followed with the topic "Our Anxious Years", John Digel (Salutatorian) focused on "Tomorrow", while Seppo Sari (Valedictorian) closed with "Wide Our Burning Eyes".  Yes, after Bob Salisbury presented awards, Don Fowler presented the Class, and James Johnston awarded diplomas, we sang the Alma Mater, heard the Benediction, and rescessed out to "Pomp and Circumstance".  High school graduates, all of us.  


August 2013, fifty years later and we came back to gether in Federal Way.  It was as if a time capsule was being opened.  Each Class Member who attended this 50th Reunion "Celebration" on August 9th, 10th and 11th found opportunity to "take the tour", "enjoy the ride", "feast on great food and friendship"!  


Looking Ahead is about gathering ideas!  In 2023 we hope to coordinate a Friday school tour, have some Friday night gathering for those in town, focus on Saturday as "The Party" and pray and picnic on Sunday.  Stay healthy and alive so you can join in for the 60th!

Eagles 63



The Eagle is the National Symbol, still the mascot for Federal Way, and even for Adelaide Grade School close by.

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