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 Classmates Attended Sixtieth Reunion

It was tremendous to have 36 of our own FW 1963 Eagles in attendance at the August reunion. Wow, and 20 folks as spouse, partners or close friends also took part in the activities. 

Name  (Maiden) [Nickname]

Judy Adams Woodburn
Karen Gordon Apple and daughter Jennifer

Nadine Clinkingbeard Belieu and Jim Belieu
Marsee Herr Bowen

Jeanette Cain Cummings and Ron Cummings '62
Ken Corliss and Dottie Corliss

Denise Davies Holland

Alan Davis and Pam Davis

Jim Fowler and Hanne Fowler

Linda Williams Johnston and Bob Johnston

Rosetta Van Wagner Kraus

Jon Kussman

Claudia Hansen Lockwood and Larry Lockwood '61

Jim Mitchell

Kemer Nelson

Cathy Mills Olson

Jack Pfeifer

Bob Powers

Sharon Rogers & Cliff Comber

Baker Stocking and Marihan Smith

Christopher Stone and Meg Stone

Jim Wonn and Pam King Wonn

Diane Dull Byrd and Dee Byrd

Monte Naff and Karen Strosheim Naff

CeeCee Duquette Stanley

Partick Weber

Denise Brown Dearden and daughter

Mark "Bronco" Lilen

Sandra Veer Bratcher

Velma Bentz Chilson and Norman Chilson

Donald Lopacinski

Gordon Lund and Margaret Lund

Roland Long and Jan 

Unable to Attend, yet Found at Last!:

Kathy Brace Ivy

Kim Hill

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